Treating your lawn and landscape is as important as taking your vitamins every day. Healthy lawn and beds will help prevent invasive insects and disease/fungus from destroying your landscaping. Those who utilize our lawn fertilization and pest control program see the difference immediately; in addition, safeguarding your property will save you lots of money in the future. The way we keep your property looking great is by applying:

  • Top Grade Fertilizer

  • Warm Season Pre/Post Emergent (Grassy Weeds)

  • Cool Season Pre/Post Emergent (Broadleaf Weeds)

  • Insecticide Prevention

  • Foliar and Intravenous Fungicide


We take pride in our lawn care program; you don’t pay for a company to come out and make an application that may or may not be successful. We inspect your property for the necessary applications.  After application, we come back 7-10 days later to ensure it was successful and to see if a follow-up is needed. In other words, you are reassured your property is pest-free, weed-free, and ultimately healthy.

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